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We’re re-imagining the way products are created & sold.
We're re-imagining the way products are created & sold.
We own our custom 360º product development process.
This enables us to work as a team to bring our big ideas to life and ensure that all aspects of the product idea, production, marketing and delivery align with our clear vision.
Product ideation & development
Product ideation & development.
Supernova is changing the way lifestyle, beauty and fitness products are created. We start with the real every day lives of women, develop products and brands in real time. This enables us to be dynamic, fun and personal.
Branding & packaging
Branding & packaging.
While our superstar product is being refined, our creative team starts working to harnesses the product potential to craft a highly engaging brand. We collaborate closely with design agencies and packaging specialists worldwide to ensure the idea comes to life as a premium quality experience.
Social media marketing
Social media marketing.
As we approach product launch we define our social media strategy and begin to engage a curated selection of global influencers. Once live, we have a 24/7 process of social media optimisation; generating superstar content, fine-tuning our reach and delivering high value targeted social media campaigns.
E-commerce Storefront
E-commerce Storefront.
Our team of e-commerce specialists are constantly redefining best practice methods when creating and optimising our e-commerce stores. Using the latest tools and methods, we are never done in the quest to enhance customer experience and increase our conversion rates.
International shipping
International shipping.
Our products are created for women all over the world, and it's vital that we are able to provide a seamless delivery experience. This not only includes delivery of the final product, but also the ability to keep efficient supply levels in our 6 global warehouses.
Customer service
Customer service.
As part of the quest for the best-in-class experience, our customer service team are an essential part of ensuring customer satisfaction. Our highly responsive team is focused on creating happiness solutions for our customers and understanding issues that may arise.
We build everything with
love and science.
Our success lies in making products people will love. We're constantly optimising every part of our process and products to make the brightest impacts for our customers.

Data analysis.

Social media impact.

Performance driven.

Website optimisation.


Loved products.

Inspiring brands.

Customers connections.

Effortless experiences.

Want to kick some goals?
You're our kind of supernova.