Hero People
Help us build the next generation of superstar brands.
Help us build the next generation of superstar brands.
Looking for some action?
We are looking for the next generation of leaders, dreamers, creators, optimisers and achievers. Want to have some real responsibility in the creation of bright impacts on a global scale? We'll take you there, if you want we'll even give you a share of the company too.
Work hard,
make it happen,
have fun.

Employee Stock Option Plan

Fitness Membership

Fully stocked kitchen

Together we create superstars.
Products – We create best in market offerings.
Customers – Our products improve womens' lives.
Employees – Want to hit your full potential?
Employee Stock Option Plan
We give team members the opportunity to own part of the company and share in the benefits of the bright future ahead of us.
Think you're pretty stellar?
Check out our job openings.

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    Still want a piece of the action?
    Take some initiative, we love that, and reach out if you're keen to help us make magic happen.